The mission, vision, values

IMG brands help you advance in achieving your goals, no matter whether you are an amateur or a professional. Our products are barrier-breaking, trend-setting and record-beating. They are with you everyday. In every corner of the planet.

A barbell is not just a bar with weights, just like leggings are not just a piece of colorful fabrics. Everything we do is based on one thought: we are here for you. Your success is our ambition. Your failure is our motivation to be much better.

IMG brands complete each other. We are like a living organism that enjoys when you achieve your goals. People who belong to Gipara and SportsArt team are living from the passion to sport. We introduce you to innovations, set new standards and shape the world-view. Itʼs more than just work. Itʼs our motivation to work. Itʼs an outstanding identity of professional accessories and sport machines. Itʼs IMG Fitness.